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Who sells the best marijuana seeds and ships them to the USA, Australia and everywhere else in the world?

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Last Updated Friday June 5, 2015

The NEWEST UP-TO-DATE Best Marijuana Seed Banks for 2015 are:

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#1 Seed Bank

16 Years Running

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Excellent Seed Bank

NOW Free Feminized Seeds

BitCoins Western Union and cash orders save 10% and now FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 150 Euro's

You can't find a much more dependable website or better deal!


legit Seedbank
AMS White Widow XTRM Feminized Seeds

Favorite Strain From AMS is their XTRM White Widow Feminized, Their 2 new strains Mega Jackpot Feminized and BlueBerry Crisp.

XTRM WHITE WIDOW is something every pothead must try. It will give your head a trip you never thought possible from weed. Completely phychedelic trip with vivid color and the most amazing lucid dreams, a favorite smoke for the creative types to generate all new idea's for art, writing even famous screen plays have been writen witht he help from this strain. A must have for 2014, XTRM White Widow Feminized


Legends Seeds

World's Most Ethical Seed Bank

Red moved to Amsterdam so he can now ship to the USA and Australian / New Zealand. FULL GLOBAL SHIPPING


Open Since 1999, Red has a rock solid reputation for being ethical, he now operates in Amsterdam so he can ship worldwide including to the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Newzealand. He ships worldwide, even US soldiers in Afghanistan order their seeds from Red.

Legends Seeds


Aussie's Most Legit Cannabis SeedBank

Best Place For Australians

Australia's Legit Cannabis Seed Bank

SUPER DISCRETE SHIPPING. 100% Guaranteed Delivery.


This has been the best and safest place to order seeds for the past 14 years!



Best Gentics in the world. A very reliable and trust-worthy site. Outstanding Dutch Marijuana Genetics with easy, safe ordering and discrete shipping.

Protect your confidential information and order from a company you can trust. Buy Dutch Seeds has been providing amazing products and customer service for over a decade. A company you can trus 100%t.

Buy Dutch Seeds



Often Sold Out with a waiting list and sometimes closed for RESEARCH. No other seed bank spends so much time and efforts developing the next latest and greatest strains, leaving their competition in the dust.

BC Seeds

BC Seeds is our TOP PICK if they were open.

New Strains coming, Sky Heaven Bud and Forever Buds, the genetically modified marijuana that flowers forever, providing unlimited buds.

We have ordered many strains including what we found to be the best Medical Mix, Sour Diesel, Galaxy God Bud, Infinity Bud, Indica 50 and Infinite Euphoria. Very reliable with a great selection of seeds including feminized seeds. They have been around since 1999 and are run by honest ethical people. They offer 100% Delivery Guarantee, which is very rare to find in this industry. They are well known for their SPEEDY email RESPONSE when they are not researching, SPEEDY SHIPPING, fair prices for the gentics you get and high germination rates, often at 100% with mostly females sprouting if you follow thier germination techniques. We had all 34 seeds of thier germinate and 32 of them were females. They are really, really fast at shipping and very discrete. They only accept cash and guarantee your cash order if you use tracking. If your worried about ordering online, these guys are by far the best and they have the cool BC Bud Genetics! Creators of the famous Galaxy God Bud, Elephant Bud, Infinite Euphoria Bud and Infinity Bud to name a few. Lately, it has been impossible to order from them due to their constant research and development. The owner will not hire anyone to help with production, so when the owner is in research mode, their products are not always availble. The good news is, that when they are finished with research, thier cannabis strains are so amazing in quality and so far beyond the competition, you'll be lucky to be able to get your hands on any strain they produce as they always sell out and have at least 1 year + waiting list. Some strains I've heard of customers waiting 3 years to get a strain they wanted. All good things come to those who wait, but three years is a very long time to wait.



2nd Best Gentics in the world. A very reliable and trust-worthy site. Outstanding Dutch Marijuana Genetics with easy, safe ordering and discrete shipping.

Protect your confidential information and order from a company you can trust. Buy Dutch Seeds has been providing amazing products and customer service for over a decade. A company you can trus 100%t.



100% Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized seeds are always in demand but Female Seeds always takes the time to make sure the quality of it's seeds are it's first priority unlike many other seedbanks. sometimes gets you more hermies cause of the scale of production and lack of quality. If you want 100% females then I would buy from rather than from anywhere else. We reccomend ordering Feminized Train Wreck, this is some potent cannabis!!

Female Seeds - feminized marijuana seeds




Old classic stable strains, reliable service, old seed bank with the same reliable owner since the 1990's

A small yet reliable seed bank that grows good solid strains on Vancouver Island. We only gave it and 8 outta 10 because the selection is small, but the customer service is awesome, and the beans they do have are really good. Fair prices, honest people. We recommend!

Premiere Seeds, marijuana seeds from Vancouver Island



Peak Seeds is a LOW COST B.C. based marijuana seed comapany. Good prices and FREE SHIIPING. If you don't care so much about quality, then they are your best choice. Cash or money orders if you order more than $101. Honest people if your sending cash. If you want to try multiple strains on a limited budget, then we reccomend ordering here, and once you find a favorite strain.

Peak Seeds - cheap marijuana seeds


Sensi Seeds is one of the oldest seedbanks. We have ordered many times and many strains and we find other seed banks to have better potency. Maybe it's because they spend most most of thier money on advertising, not producing quality genetics. The packaging is very high qulaity and the seeds are good, we just feel you can do better with BC genetics. Still they are a good solid comapany.


Marijuana Seed Scam


Here is a list of seedbanks that we have ordered from and were very dissapointed and WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM AT ALL.


  • Stole our money and shipped nothing
  • Never answered emails or solved problems
  • Shipped unacceptably low gemination rates or inferior genetics
  • Unethical behavior


We are a non-profit group of five hippies (Frank, Ted, Adam, Radovan and me Thomas) that spend our spare cash (Frank's cash) buying up seeds on the internet and finding out which seed banks are not scams, and finding out which marihuana seed banks have the best THC and the best Strains. Sometimes we get ripped off and the seed company takes our money and never delivers. Sometimes they deliver seeds that don't germinate. Sometimes they send seeds that germinate but are hemp seeds (No THC) so the Hemp plants are not good for getting high, just good to make rope. Sometimes seed bank companies send good beans with good germination and some strains they sell have low germination rates. Some companies know how to ship their seeds discretely, other's do not and customs takes them away and you lose money (mostly companies in Amsterdam have trouble getting past customs) They don't care about you recieving your seeds, they just care about getting your money. So we decided to create this website. We want to give a special thanks to Frank, the leader of our group of five hippies. Frank has a really good corporate job and we mostly use his cash for buying up all the strains from all the different seedbanks. Without his money, this website wouldn't be possible. The rest of the four of us are TRUE Hippies.. as in we don't believe in working for the man and we dislike corporations... and we have no money... but we are creative so we put our efforts into writting reviews :)

So we don't want to focus out time telling you which seedbanks to avoid... this would take too much effort as so many seed banks are scams. We want to focus this website on reliable cannabis seed companies that use stealth shipping methods to easily clear customs, ship the exact strains that you ordered, not hemp seeds. We also wanted to provide you with companies that are producing consistant high THC Seeds for medical use. As well as good customer service (they will answer your emails promptly) and of course companies with fair prices.

Let's Talk About Seed Prices

Marijuana Seeds from good genetics and good breeders are very high in demand. The demand is so high that if you see seeds selling for under 65$ for a pack of ten, they are usually junk. Marijuana growers pay a minimum of $80.00 per 10 pack. If they are selling for much below this amount, the seeds are sure to be of poor quality. Why would seedbank companies sell seeds for $45 that would easily sell out if the were asking $100 per 10 pack? It's because the $45 seeds are unstable, from bad genetics or the company is going to take your money and run and not send you anything at all. A normal price to pay for really good genetics is 75-120 per 10 pack. This is a very fair amount of money. If you grow from good genetics, you actually save money. Think about it. If you buy cheap seeds with bad genetics and pay $4.50 per seed and the plant only produces 150 Grams of low quality bud when finished.. how did you save any money? If you paid $10 per seed and you get 2.2 pounds of buds of the utmost highest quality per plant... isn't it worth the $5.50 per seed for two extra pounds of buds with four times the THC quality? Another consideration is your grow room. Cheap seeds have poor stability problem. This means that if you plant 10 seeds of the same strain, the plants that grow will not be uniform, they will vary greatly in height and pheno types. The buzz will have varying high's and potency from plant to plant of the same strain. The un-uniform plant will grow taller and hit your light and make your grow room inefficient. To get the buds to grow on the tall plant and on the short plants of the same strain indoors will cost you aproximately $63.00 extra in electricity to run your grow lights. So we HIGHLY (punn intended) RECOMMEND that you grow ONLY from STABLE SEEDS that cost a few extra dollars. These few extra dollars save you HUNDREDS and save you headaches.

Let's Talk About Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are a great alternative for growers that want to safe money. Feminized seeds cost more, but they also make you more money when purchased from honest Feminized Seed Breeders. Most Feminized companies are in it for the money and sell you Hermaphrodites Genetics. But if purchased from the right source, you can save so much time and money because you don't have to flower your plant that are both male and female. I'll give you a quick lesson:

Marijuana Gentics, Male and Female Pants

Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa / Cannabis Indica reproduces when the female plant show it's pistels and collects pollen from the male plants pollen sacs that open up and release pollen into the air. Seed production decreases the production of THC. So smoking sensimilla bud (seedless marijuana) is by far better. To avoid pollinating your crops, you can grow using feminized seeds.

A Word About Feminized Genetics

Not all strains of Marijuana can be feminized. Certains strains (very few) can actually be feminized without turning hermaphrodites (a plant with both male and female parts) Don't buy Feminized Seeds from a Company that has over 5 Feminized Varieties. Only a very few strains can be Stabilized Feminized, and it takes many years to create truely Feminized Seeds. The Majority of Feminized Seed Companies sell REALLY BAD GENETICS that SCREW UP YOUR MANY YEARS OF BREEDING. If you are marijuana breeder, make sure you only buy your feminized seeds from ... I repeat, only buy from this company as they have mastered the art of feminizing cannabis seeds. The big seed companies you think you can trust have the worst feminized seeds. They produce feminized seeds that are over 50% hermaphrodites. So you pay way more extra and still get male genetics in what is supposed to be 100% female plants and you get really messed up hermaphrodite Pollen messing up your sensimilla bud (seedless marijuana) and if you are growing to breed seeds, this hermaphrodite pollen will totally destroy your stable genetics and you'll have to start years of work all over again.


We Highly recommend growing in organic soil with the optimum pH between 6.5 to 7.2. Soil produces the best marijuana flavor and I personally think it is much healthier. But growing with this PH range in soil has it's downfall... mold and pests feel very comfortable in this PH range. But the extra effort is well worth the final product.

Commercial growers always use a Hydroponic system because they have to stay competetive. Hydroponics shortens the flowering times by at least 1 week using Indica Strains, and can shorten the flowering times by up to a month growing Sativa Strains. This saves the commercial grower time and money because they do not have to pay electricity for the extra time to power the indoor grow lights. Marihuana is great to grow hydroponiclly because it's preferd pH range of 5.3 to 5.9 is hostile to most bacteria and fungi.

Unfortunately most marijuana smokers have only smoked Indica Strains because they have the shortest grow times compared to Sativa's. and this tends to be the only strains your dealer grows because of the costs involved to grow Sativa is much much higher than Indica's. Some of the best uniques high's and medical marijuana strains are 100% sativa or sativa hybrids. The problem is you can't buy these strains from any grower or dealer. So the best way to find another world of cannabis high's is to grow your own from seeds.

Last Updated June 05, 2015 - Happy Harvest to all of you for the year 2015. Peace!

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